School Applications

Criteria and application process for schools and educational programs:

IMG_7003The Foundation invites schools or educational programs that serve low-income students to become partners. Priority is given to Title 1 schools that receive federal funding from the Department of Education (i.e., 50% or more of students from low-income backgrounds) and to schools or programs that reach under-represented ethnic minority students. Additional priority is given to schools or programs that provide academic enrichment and experiential learning in culturally diverse environments, opportunities for apprenticeship and mentoring, and possibilities for leveraging resources and sustaining activities on a long-term basis.

After approval of the partnership is given by the school principal or program director, the Foundation works with potential recipients (teachers, counselors, school/parent groups) to determine the best use of funds.  Potential recipients then complete the grant application. The application for funding is simple with a quick turn around to facilitate efficiency and responsiveness to student needs in a timely manner. At the end of the project or academic school year, the partner provides the Foundation with a final report that details the activities funded, how the funds were used, and how the funding advanced students’ academic knowledge or success.

Grant application for schools and programs:
Note: all applications must be solicited from the Foundation (i.e., schools or educational programs cannot apply without being invited by the Foundation). The Foundation will provide the grant application for schools or programs.