HealingJourneysCover2Healing Journeys: Teaching Medicine, Nurturing Hope is a compelling book written by Dr. Winkleby and Ms. Julia Steele that tells the life stories of 16 high school students from Northern California whose lives had been affected by hardship. As each comes to Stanford to explore the worlds of medicine, science, and higher education, their stories speak of hope and reaffirm the power of education. Complementing their life stories are vignettes that allow readers to follow students as they gain hands-on experiences in the anatomy lab, don hospital scrubs, hear lectures by Stanford faculty, prepare for college, and learn to live together to build community. In his foreword, Dr. David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General, tells of his own childhood and commitment to higher education.

The book has been distributed without charge to 800 northern and central California high schools. Available from Dr. Winkleby.