Resources Funded

Types of resources funded:

  • Educational workshops or materials for students (e.g., SAT, ACT, GRE preparation, test taking strategies, college admissions/financial aid, college essays), career exploration, life skills.
  • Learning materials or supplies to enhance learning (e.g., inquiry-based science education kits, interactive algebra computer software).
  • Career fairs or workshops for parents and students to learn about careers requiring varying levels of education.
  • College application fees not covered by waivers (e.g., private universities).
  • Learning specialists or teachers for students needing academic remediation (e.g., students having difficulty in an organized academic program, English language skills).
  • College campus tours for students to experience college life and meet with admissions officers.
  • Field trips to technology, science, or art centers to foster experiential learning.
  • Travel expenses for educational experiences (e.g., gas cards for attending educational conferences; fees to participate in competitions including math, science, debate, music, language arts).
  • Computers, technology/software, and other supplies to support academic work.
  • College fees and books not covered by student scholarships or loans.
  • Career or job-based learning programs (e.g., fees for internships, job shadowing).