Board & Advisory Committee

“Meaning is not something you stumble across, like the answer to a riddle or the prize in a treasure hunt. Meaning is something you build into your life. You build it out of your own past, out of the experience of humankind as it is passed on to you, out of your own talent and understanding, out of things you believe in, out of the things and people you love, out of the values for which you are willing to sacrifice something.”

John Gardner

Marilyn Dr.WinklebyWinkleby, MPH, Ph.D., President and CEO of Access to Achievement Education Foundation, is a nationally known expert in youth education. In 1988 she founded the highly successful Stanford Medical Youth Science Program (SMYSP), a national model for pre-college science education. As Faculty Director of SMYSP for over 25 years, she has worked with schools and education programs, reaching out to low-income and under-represented minority high school students.She has mentored hundreds of students—students who when given the opportunity to achieve their potential go on to complete college and become leaders in their respective professions. To read more about Dr. Winkleby click here.

Picture3Irina Linetskaya, MD, MPH, Vice President, is a physician committed to a life of healing, with a deep understanding of low-income and minority youth. She met Dr. Winkleby in 1995 when she was selected to participate in SMYSP and has assumed leadership roles in youth mentoring programs since then. She brings expertise in youth empowerment and academic mentoring to the Board. To read more about Dr. Linetskaya, please click on this link.


fischettiMichael Fischetti,  MPH, MD, Secretary/Chief Financial Officer, is a proactive physician who has cared for and mentored low-income youth for over 40 years. For many years, Dr. Fischetti served as the physician consultant for the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program and taught students about well-being and healthy lifestyles. His has a long history of involvement with local schools and knowledge of their students through his numerous volunteer activities. Dr. Fischetti contributes a strong understanding of fiscal management of non-profits to the Board. To read more about Dr. Fischetti, please click on this link.

juan ibarra (1)Juan Ibarra, MPH., MSW, Dr.PH, Board Member, is a skilled, thoughtful health professional who has been involved in public health research and mentoring youth for years.  He met Dr. Winkleby in 1990 when he participated in SMYSP and has been involved with outreach and mentoring youth since then. He brings an extensive knowledge of the educational needs of Latinos and other underserved youth, and strong evaluation skills to the Board. To read more about Dr. Ibarra, please click on this link.


les_dewitt_sLes DeWitt, BS, Board Memberis a well-known figure in education and public service on the San Francisco Peninsula. Mr. DeWitt is a 1970 graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Political Science. Since 1990, he has worked with Dr. Winkleby, serving on the board of the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program, helping guide its youth mentoring programs. He brings an extensive knowledge of youth programs, local schools, fiscal management, and fundraising to the Board. To read more about Mr. DeWitt, please click on this link.



Advisory Committee:

The advisory committee is composed of SMYSP alumni, Stanford faculty, and community leaders. They have no legal responsibilities.

  • Jeanne Kennedy, Palo Alto, CA
  • Hannah Valantine, M.D., Stanford, CA
  • John W. Farquhar, M.D., Stanford, CA
  • Tom David, Ph.D., Palo Alto, CA
  • Rebecca Matteson Nelson, Palo Alto, CA
  • Leo Hindery, Jr., New York City, NY
  • Erik Cabral, M.D., Sunnyvale, CA
  • Daniel Fountenberry, M.B.A., Brooklyn, NY
  • German Hernandez, M.D., El Paso, TX
  • Phuong Vo, M.D., MPH, Boston, MA
  • Mai Vuong, Ph.D., Santa Cruz, CA
  • Chidozie Chimezie, BS, Emeryville, CA
  • Ruben Mora-Roman, Jr., BS, Stanford, CA
  • Devynn Taylor, MPA, MS, Ft. Worth, TX
  • Paul Wesson, BS, Berkeley, CA